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Starting in January, we are introducing new dance fitness classes called FIT, FUNKY & FLEXIBLE!  These unique classes combine 20 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of dance cardio, and 20 minutes of yoga to provide you with fun and uplifting workouts each week.  These classes are held on Saturdays from 11:30am-12:30pm at our Penticton location from January 11 to March 14. Register for 3 months for only $135. Sparkle Dance Academy | #115 - 1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton | 250-462-1025

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New BEGINNER BALLET CLASS for Adults & Teens in Penticton

Join our new beginner ballet class for "non-ballerinas" called FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE BARRE.  We created these for adults and teens who want to learn ballet fundamentals to develop stronger muscles, toned legs, increased core support, balance, ankle/foot strength and beautiful posture. You might even become graceful!   NO experience or performing is required. If you have a dance background, these fun and informal classes will help you practice ballet fundamentals.  Join us "Friday Nights at Barre" at the Sparkle Dance Academy in Penticton from January 10 to March 13.  Register for 3 months for only $202.50.  Sparkle Dance Academy | #115 - 1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton | 250-462-1025

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For kids age 4-12, Sparkle Dance Teams teach children how to SHINE together onstage as a team.  This non-competitive program develops a wide range of dance skills from many popular styles including: Bollywood, Bhangra, Belly Dancing, Tribal Fusion, Flamenco, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Break Dancing.  Along with developing confidence and coordination, children learn teamwork, organization and public speaking skills. The Sparkle Dance Teams perform all season at children’s festivals, parades, retirement homes and our annual Sparkle Showcases.

*NOTE: All Sparkle Dancers are required to purchase a Sparkle Dance Team shirt and one costume.


Join our Specialty Dance Teams to learn specific dance styles and choreography.  Specialty Dance Teams perform at shows throughout the season.

Specialty Dance Teams - Age 7-12

BOLLYWOOD PRINCESSES – Learn to perform like a Bollywood star in beautiful East Indian attire. Bollywood dancing is a mixture of numerous dance styles.  These styles include Indian styles like Kathak, Bhangra and Bharatanatyam fused with elements from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Arabic and Latin dancing - all performed to hit Bollywood music.

STREET HEROES – Conquer the stage as a Street Hero Dancer!  This aggressive style is all about girl-power.  The Street Heroes integrate hard-hitting dance techniques from numerous street styles including Belly dancing, Hip-Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping and House performed to amazing electronic music.

HAPPY HOOPERS – Get your hips moving by joining our Happy Hoopers Team.  This team learns to perform hula hoop tricks, drills and choreography to showcase at children’s festivals, parades, retirement homes, and the annual Sparkle Showcases. 

Specialty Dance Teams - Age 12 to Adult

HIPPY HOOPERS – Hula Hoops aren’t just for kids!  The Hippy Hoopers Team is for Teens and Adults who want to learn hula hoop tricks, techniques, and choreography to perform throughout the year.

– Join the Tribal Flowers to learn and perform this mesmerizing dance style.  Tribal Fusion is a popular Western dance style that blends elements from ATS, Cabaret, Hip Hop, Popping, Flamenco, Kathak, and other folkloric styles.  This challenging style develops excellent body isolations.

SPANISH FLAMES – Join the Spanish Flames to learn the passion and elegance of our Spanish Fusion style. This beautiful dance combines the power of Flamenco and the softness of belly dancing.  Both of these dance styles evolved centuries ago when the Gypsies migrated from North India to Egypt and Spain.

VEILS, FANS & WINGS – Learn to use these stunning props to accentuate your dancing and develop strong and beautiful arms.  A different prop will be highlighted each season along with specific show choreography.

AUDITIONED DANCE TEAMS - for experienced Sparkle Dancers

Auditioned Teams are for experienced Sparkle Dancers who want to commit to long-term advanced training. Auditioned Teams learn multiple show routines and go on overnight dance trips throughout BC to perform at schools, theatres and events.  Dancers are invited to audition for these teams every August.  Please ask your teach if you would like to audition.  Performing on these teams is challenging, rewarding and super fun!


The Aspire Dance Team is for dancers who want to join the Sparkle Dance Tour when they get older.  This team prepares you for the hard-work, teamwork and committment required to be a Sparkle Tour Dancer.  Along with learning dance show routines, you will learn presentation skills to present youth leadership workshops at schools. The Aspire Dance Team is mentored by the Sparkle Tour Dance Team.

SPARKLE DANCE TOUR TEAM (Touring youth leadership team)

Join the Sparkle Dance Tour Team to inspire children to dance at schools, youth organizations and events throughout BC.  As a Sparkle Tour Dancer, you will tour the province to present uplifting Sparkle Dance Shows & Leadership Workshops about anti-bullying, body-positivity and self-esteem.  As mentors in the community, you will learn to be excellent public speakers, leaders and role models in the community.  Join the Sparkle Dance Tour Team to inspire people to SHINE through dance.


Wear dazzling costumes and learn to belly dance on the Women's Belly Dance Team.  This amazing group of women blasts away their stress each week by dancing and performing at numerous events throught the year.  This supportive team provides a safe space for women to dance together and celebrate their bodies.

You SHINE at the Sparkle Dance Academy!

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