Helping the community SHINE through dance

We offer Sparkle Dance & Leadership Workshops at public schools and children’s groups throughout the Okanagan and BC.   Book our inspiring and fun-filled dance shows and workshops at your school, youth group or community event.

Sparkle Dance Shows & Leadership Programs

Body Positivity & Anti-bullying Workshops

The Sparkle Dance Team presents this impactful workshop to youth to help them understand how the media negatively affects their body-image and self-esteem by creating unrealistic body standards. Students learn about healthy body types and strategies to deal with bullying and body shaming on social media and at school.  This impactful workshop has received high praise from students throughout BC.  Book the Sparkle Dance Team to present this important workshop at your school or community group.

Sparkle Dance Shows

Teach students about world dance by booking a Sparkle Dance Show for your school, organization, or youth event.  Every year, the Sparkle Dance Team performs uplifting educational dance shows throughout the Okanagan and BC.   These high-energy performances showcase a variety of cultural dance styles including: Bollywood, Bhangra, Belly Dancing, Spanish and Street Style. Students learn about the history of dance and learn some fun dance moves to join the dance party!  Many schools book 

Dance-Abilities Project

We strongly believe that everyone can SHINE through dance.  Supported by the Penticton and District Community Arts Council, the Dance-Abilities Project gives people of all abilities the opportunity to join the Sparkle Dance Team.  This season, three classes of students and an adult group from Okanagan Inclusion will spend six weeks learning a dance routine led by our youth instructors.  The Dance-Abilties group will then travel to Okanagan Falls Elementary and Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary to entertain students and encourage everyone to SHINE through dance.

Sparkle Dance Classes

Boost children's physical literacy and get them moving by hosting a Sparkle Dance class at your school, youth group or children's event.  These upbeat and interactive classes teach children about fitness, music, rhythms, and simple dance moves to boost their confidence, coordination and creative expression.  These classes are co-ed and encourage everyone to dance.  The Sparkle Dance Team has presented these dance classes for public schools and youth organizations including the Girls Guides and Power of Being a Girl conference.   

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